Create the perfect office enviornment with the help of WURKSPACE.

WurkSPACE is a comprehensive office furniture dealer in Baltimore since 2006. We specialize in concept designing, and office planning services in Baltimore, Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and in Maryland. Whether you need a few office chairs or you need help with your entire office planning, we’re up to the task.


We understand that every office has its unique needs and this is why we tailor our services based on your needs. All you have to do is to talk to us about your business needs and we’ll provide the right office furniture. We have supplied offices for large and small organizations and based on this experience, you can be sure that you’ll get the best.


To serve you better, we have office furniture that will fit your budget and style. Our expert team will walk with you from the initial step until you achieve the design you’ve always desired. To make it even better, our services are flexible and this means we’ll be available when you need us.


You don’t have an idea of what you really want for your office? Our expert team will help you make the right choice. We understand how important your office furniture is in creating the first impression to your clients. We’ll work as a team to come up with the right office environment for your staff and clients.


Any time you plan to move your office to a new location call us and we’ll do the difficult task on your behalf. We’ll ensure that your furniture gets to your new office so that you can concentrate on other important tasks. We’ll help you to change your office configuration as well and make it more appealing any time you call us.

Give us a call today and we’ll make arrangements to provide the right office furniture for your business. With us, you’ll
get affordable office furniture without compromising the quality.

We look forward to making your dream office a reality.

Why WurkSPACE For Your Office Furniture Needs

We have vast experience.

We have been a comprehensive office furniture dealer in Baltimore for over 13 years. Within this time, we’ve provided high-quality and affordable office furniture to large and small organizations. From this experience, we guarantee the best services that will meet your unique needs.

You’ll get flexible and reliable services.

At WurkSPACE, we aspire to provide office furniture any time you need them. You are our top priority and serving you when it is convenient for you is our pleasure. For us, exceeding your expectations is our utmost goal.

You’ll get affordable services.

Whenever you come to us for your office furniture needs we’ll provide our services based on your budget. We take our time to listen to what you need and based on what you want to spend, we’ll provide the best services.

We always put you first.

When buying office furniture, you need a dealer that will treat you with utmost respect and one that will put you first. At WurkSPACE, we’ll keep working until you are completely satisfied and this is what puts us ahead of our competition.

Our office furniture is of the highest quality.

When you come to us, you’ll get high-quality office furniture that will remain functional for a long time. Whether your budget is high or low, we’ll design furniture that is not only beautifully designed but durable as well.


Design and Space Planning of Office Furniture.

Before you even attend to your clients, your office furniture will have spoken volumes. You need to ensure that the message that these clients get is what you really want them to hear. Our design and planning team will work on your office whether big or small and turn it into what you’ve always wanted.

We’ll listen to your needs and ensure that the office we’ll design will fulfill these needs. Our association with different manufacturers will make sure that we get what you really need for your office. To enjoy our exceptional services, all you need is to make a call and we’ll be there. We take pride in actualizing the dreams of all our clients.

Project Management.

We understand how hard it is to design your office from scratch. This is why we take up the task on your behalf so that you can have time to concentrate on your business. We’ll walk with you from the start until we achieve what you’ve always desired for your office.

To make sure you get the best, we work with different manufacturers for the supply of your furnishings. Our professional team will oversee the delivery and setting up of your furnishings so that you can have time for other tasks.

Call us today and together, we’ll design your dream office within the agreed time. All you’ll need is to tell us your goals and our professionals will make it happen.

Delivery and Installation of Office Furniture.

When it comes to the delivery & installation of office furniture, you need a company you can trust. WurkSPACE is your best choice as we’ll walk with you from the first step, to the purchase, until we complete the installation.

Before your office furniture is delivered, we’ll inspect to ensure it is what you ordered. Our professionals will then ensure that the delivery is on time and that we set it up according to our initial agreement. Our design team will ensure that your office space is fully utilized without overstretching your budget.

Moving Services.

Are you finally moving to your new office and are worried how you’ll move your office furniture? Call us today and we’ll move your office furniture so that you can have time for growing your business. We understand how important it is to bring out the best in your new office space and this is why we’ll give it our best.

Our staff will not only move your furniture to your new office but we’ll also get rid of every piece you no longer need. We’ll keep working until you are completely satisfied with the look of your new office.

Do not worry about the safety of your furniture as our team will handle every piece cautiously. No furniture will break or lose its appeal in the moving process.

Our Commitment

When you choose Wurkspace for your office furniture needs, we will help you:

• Develop a design that aligns with your requirement and provide a floor plan.
• Take charge of the purchasing, delivery, and the installation of the office furniture.
• Offer options to lease office furniture to ease the purchasing process.
• Provide additional services according to your needs long after we install your office furniture.
• Provide reconfiguration services in case you need to reorganize your office.

At WurkSPACE, we understand how important it is to get high-quality and unique office furniture. This is why we work with leading manufacturers in the industry for the supply of your office furniture.

Any time you need unique office furniture, just give us a call and we’ll be glad to be of service to you.


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Office Furniture in Baltimore
Office Furniture in Baltimore
Office Furniture in Baltimore
Office Furniture in Baltimore
Office Furniture in Baltimore
Office Furniture in Baltimore
Office Furniture in Baltimore

Get in touch with us today and we’ll make your dream office a reality. Your office will make a statement to your clients even before you utter a word.
From the purchase, delivery, and the installation of your office furniture, WurkSPACE is your perfect choice.

We can’t wait to hear from you today!



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