Our Services

Design And Space Planning of Office Furniture.

Before you even attend to your clients, your office furniture will have spoken volumes. You need to ensure that the message that these clients get is what you really want them to hear. Our design and planning team will work on your office whether big or small and turn it into what you’ve always wanted. We’ll listen to your needs and ensure that the office we’ll design will fulfill these needs. Our association with different manufacturers will make sure that we get what you really need for your office. To enjoy our exceptional services, all you need is to make a call and we’ll be there. We take pride in actualizing the dreams of all our clients.

Project Management.

We understand how hard it is to design your office from scratch. This is why we take up the task on your behalf so that you can have time to concentrate on your business. We’ll walk with you from the start until we achieve what you’ve always desired for your office.
To make sure you get the best, we work with different manufacturers for the supply of your furnishings. Our professional team will oversee the delivery and setting up of your furnishings so that you can have time for other tasks.

Delivery and Installation of Office Furniture.

When it comes to the delivery & installation of office furniture, you need a company you can trust. Wurk Space is your best choice as we’ll walk with you from the first step, to the purchase, until we complete the installation.
Before your office furniture is delivered, we’ll inspect to ensure it is what you ordered. Our professionals will then ensure that the delivery is on time and that we set it up according to our initial agreement. Our design team will ensure that your office space is fully utilized without overstretching your budget.

Moving Services

Are you finally moving to your new office and are worried how you’ll move your office furniture? Call us today and we’ll move your office furniture so that you can have time for growing your business. We understand how important it is to bring out the best in your new office space and this is why we’ll give it our best.
Our staff will not only move your furniture to your new office but we’ll also get rid of every piece you no longer need. We’ll keep working until you are completely satisfied with the look of your new office.
Do not worry about the safety of your furniture as our team will handle every piece cautiously. No furniture will break or lose its appeal in the moving process.